Rolling Bowl Rolled Ice Cream

1904 Atlantic Ave. Virginia Beach • 757.839.8828

Rolling Bowl Rolled Ice CreamNot your average ice cream shop, Rolling Bowl Rolled Ice Cream is a delicious surprise. Specializing in the Thai-inspired art of rolling delicious ice cream, the Rolling Bowl offers a tasty and unique ice cream experience. Right before your eyes, made-to-order ice cream dishes (rolls) create an experience for ice cream aficionados with an eclectic palette. Rolling Bowl artisans roll each individual ice cream order with the freshest ingredients. More importantly, you get to see what doesn’t go in. There are no stabilizers, food coloring, powder mixes, frozen produce, or bonding agents – just the ingredients that make creamy, fresh, amazing ice cream with that classic homemade taste, in a roll, in no time at all.

This is how we roll at Rolling Bowl … using an advanced cold plate that reaches temperatures well below Fahrenheit temperatures, the ice cream produces smaller ice molecules to make it naturally smoother and creamier. This process eliminates the need to add in additional fat and emulsifiers to create the same rich, creamy texture we all love in ice cream.

From there, ice cream artists chop and mix in as many amazing toppings you desire. Unlimited combinations of fresh ingredients allows you to create a one-of-a-kind treat for all ages. Finally, the fresh-made ice cream is rolled into delicious rolls of creamy deliciousness! You are invited to stop by to enjoy the “from scratch” ice cream made exactly how you want it.

One popular suggestion is strawberry ice cream with Butter Finger® sprinkles and cheesecake; however, keep in mind, the possibilities are endless.

Rolling Bowl Rolled Ice Cream is located at 1904 Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach. It’s open from noon to 10 p.m. daily.

“Great experience! So neat to watch this process! Very friendly staff! Will be back again and will bring some friends with me.” Facebook review


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Rolling Bowl Rolled Ice Cream

Rolling Bowl Rolled Ice Cream
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