Kao Thai Restaurant

550 First Colonial Road # 309, Virginia Beach • 757.422.1027
Hilltop Square (next to Super Walmart)

Kao Thai RestaurantKao Thai Restaurant is the right place for authentic Thai food. Here you will find fresh, delicious, high quality Thai food that is never cooked with MSG and always prepared just as spicy as you like it by an expert chef from Thailand. Excellent service and a friendly attentive staff are also staples of Kao Thai Restaurant.

“Kao Thai” means both Thai rice and Thai food, and you will experience the essence of Thai food complete with the four Thai flavors (sweet, sour, spicy, and salty), aromatic spices and herbs for which Thai food is best known. For instance, Tom Yum soup, a signature Thai soup, the broth is flavored with lemon grass, mushrooms, tomatoes and your choice of chicken or shrimp.

Rice is a staple of the Thai diet, and Kao Thai hopes that its Thai food will become a favorite of yours. From noodles to curries, stir-fry’s to seafood, of course desserts and much more, you’re invited to enjoy the family’s perfected recipes.

Chef Specials (served with jasmine rice) like Bangkok Seafood Delight has shrimp, scallops, squid, and mussels simmered in a Thai spicy basil sauce with onions, and red peppers topped with crispy Thai basil leave.

A taste for curry? Choose your favorite protein: chicken, pork, beef, tofu, shrimp or seafood and decide if you’d like red, yellow, green, panang or mango curry spices. All of the Thai curries are served with white jasmine rice.

An eclectic list of entrees list a flavorful dish, Pad Prik Khing, a spicy Thai string bean dish that is made by cooking string beans and your choice of meat in a special red chili sauce with kaffir lime leaves. There’s also a non-spicy dish, Sesame Chicken, made with boneless white meat chicken pieces crispy fried, covered in sweet and sour sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds, served with steamed broccoli.

Vegetarians are invited to enjoy Dragon Noodles Jae or Kao Fu Delight. A vegetarian favorite is Pinapple Fried Rice Jae made with Thai style fried rice with pineapple chunks, fried tofu, cashew nuts and vegetables including, but not limited to, tomatoes, onion, spring onion, peas and carrots.

Extras include an extensive list of wine and Saki and beers.

Open daily for lunch and dinner, Kao Thai Restaurant is located in Hilltop Square at 550 First Colonial Road #309 in Virginia Beach.


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Kao Thai Restaurant

Kao Thai Restaurant
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