Dippin’ Dots

9th Street & Atlantic Avenue • 757.437.0500
Inside Subway Restaurant
16th Street & Atlantic Avenue • 757.227.4558
Inside Atlantic Food Mart

Dippin' DotsTalk about variety and you’re gonna have to talk about Dippin’ Dots. The original and unbeatable flash-frozen ice cream sensation is all the rave. As an unconventional ice cream treat that’s fresh and flavorful comes on a large variety of beaded goodness.

Conveniently located at two locations in Virginia Beach, Dippin’ Dots serves up ice cream, ice milk, no sugar added ice cream, yogurt and sherbet treats.
“I really love Dippin’ Dots! The beaded ice cream is super cute and tastes like any other frozen desserts that you’ve had before.” YELP review

Dot Creations allow dippers to enjoy Dippin’ Dots in the manner they choose: Dot Sundaes, Dot Quakes or Dot Floats. Dot Sundaes combine your choice of ice cream with toppings for a personalized creation. From Banana Split to Chocolate to Moose Tracks to Vanilla, make the sundae your heart (and taste buds) desire.

A spoonable shake with a jolt of your favorite mix-in makes a Dot Quake. Popular Dot Quakes include a Birthday Tremor, Berry Shaky or Shockwave. Remember, you don’t need a straw to enjoy a thick-and-creamy Dot Quake.

Make a Dot Float with your favorite flavor of Dippin’ Dots ice cream piled on top of your choice of soda. The frothy concoction is cool and flavorful.
The Redberry Sherbet flavored with the assistance of Sour Patch Kids candies is sweetly sour and worthy of its popularity.

Can you enjoy Dippin’ Dots and keep your commitment to your Fit Bit? The answer is, Yes! YoDots are a healthier option to enjoy the great flavors of Dippin’ Dots. YoDots Cookies ‘N Cream, YoDots Cookie Dough, YoDots Cotton Candy and YoDot Strawberry Cheesecake are tasteful cooling treats created with low-fat deliciousness in mind.

Located at 9th Street & Atlantic Avenue (inside Subway Restaurant) and at 16th Street & Atlantic Avenue (inside Atlantic Food Mart), Dippin’ Dots in Virginia Beach, offers catering for all occasions.


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Dippin' Dots

Dippin' Dots
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