Beach Mining

23rd St. & Atlantic Ave. • 757.417.0700

Beach MiningIt’s ‘finder’s keepers’ at Beach Mining. As a beach miner, your bag of mining rough is enriched with real gemstones and fossils from around the world. You may discover emeralds, rubies, sapphires, topaz, amethysts, or garnets. Fossils of sea creatures, too. Just roll up your sleeves – grab your bucket, sifter, and trowel and start your adventure panning in the water sluice.

The fossil bucket has many of the fossil groups including invertebrates, terrestrial plants, fossilized amber and fish, and you may even find some shark teeth. Beach Mining encourages all miners to pan very carefully with just a small amount of dirt in the sifter so you do not lose anything and then try panning it again in case you missed a treasure.

Buy a bag of mining materials and sift through it. Be amazed as the dirt washes away and reveals gems and stones. You are sure to leave with one-of-a-kind finds.

In addition to good times with family and friends, kids will love identifying their treasures and their discoveries will make wonderful additions to any rock collection, school project or create a fun bracelet or necklace with their find.

Beach mining is great for all ages and abilities – even the adults will be hooked on the crusade to strike it rich. The best part of all is – you get to take home your treasures. This is a popular activity for school groups, youth groups, scouts and birthday parties as miners learn how to pan for treasures, identify what they find, and take home a nice collection of goodies.

In the odd chance that you don’t discover a gem or two, you can purchase jewelry, specialty rocks, fossils and more.

Beach Mining is located at 23rd St. & Atlantic Ave. drop by to experience the excitement and adventure of discovering your own treasure.


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Beach Mining

Beach Mining
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